Start Date

January, 2019

End Date

December, 2020

Total Budget

1,800,000.00 €


ART Fuels Forum.

The Alternative and Renewable Transport Fuels Forum, which in 2019 has been confirmed for its second year of operation, is managed by EXERGIA and RE-CORD (which is also in charge for the scientific coordination). The ART Fuels Forum aims at bringing together the production as well as the end-use AFF (Advanced Fuels Forum) industries, making them speak with a single voice towards the EU policy-makers and institutions, thus facilitating the discussion and the elaboration of policy and market issues. The Forum also incorporates, as a key element of its structure since its establishment, selected international cooperation actors (US, Canada, India): these, given the global dimension of the renewable and alternative fuel sector, will facilitate and promote the dialogue among relevant regions of the world and bring the experience of other areas of the world to EU stakeholders and policy makers. The project contributes to a better understanding of ART-fuels sector needs, in view of improving:

  • Policy understanding and needs
  • Market appreciation and development issues
  • Technology insight and deployment issues
  • International cooperation, legal and WTO issues appreciation

ART Fuels is a tender funded by European Commission, DIRECTORATE-GENERAL, Directorate C – Renewables, Research and Innovation, Energy Efficiency.


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