The world is experiencing an increasing competition for limited natural resources. In this scenario bioeconomy plays a fundamental role promoting a clever use of resources, ensuring raw materials, energy and industrial products supply under conditions of decreasing fossil carbon resources, reducing wastes through their valorization in a circular economy perspective. .

RE-CORD commitment for the improvement of this strategic sector aims to carry out research for the development of new technologies, new processes, new products as well as complete value chains to be integrated in the present environment, minimizing the residues of existing activities and providing them with new business opportunities.

Special attention is paid to the development of new products starting from residual feedstock.

Thanks to its multidisciplinary team RE-CORD can deal with all aspects of bioeconomy, from agronomical issues, to the chemical and physical characterization of products and feedstocks, to the treatment processes (physical, thermochemical and biological processes), to the supply chain assessment and market studies.

Some Examples