RE-CORD’s team is deeply engaged in the policy discussion about bioeconomy, supporting National and Regional bodies in developing their bioeconomy strategy, providing insights on technology status, recent developments, and liasons with the European Commission and the main Industrial Stakeholders active in bioenergy and biorefinery.

RE-CORD is part of ICAO CAEP (Committee on Aviation Environmental Protection), a committee that aims to reduce the environmental impact of civil aviation and of the Art Fuels Forum, financed by the European Commission with the aims to support the Alternative and Renewable liquid and gaseous fuels development (policy and market issues), bringing together selected representatives.

RE-CORD, in partnership with other stakeholders, has provided expertise to the European Commission on studies dedicated to the green chemistry sector, delivering the necessary information to develop strategies and policies in the field of biorefinery. It also provided similar support to DG ENER for another study on Advance Biofuel Technology.

All the actions listed above have the final aim of increasing the capacities of regional/local authorities, as well as EU Institutions and stakeholders, foster cooperation and networking, and developed ad-hoc roadmaps tailored to local needs and conditions.