Start Date

September 2018

Total Budget

2,974,269.95 €


ELETTRA / Efficient production in fluid-bed combustion systems of electrical energy from the lignin residue collected from bioethanol production plants

ELETTRA is an Italian research project that aims at optimizing the energetic valorisation of the solid lignin coproduct from lignocellulosic ethanol production improving its energy performances and thermal behaviour in selected and optimized combustion systems, thus demonstrating the potential benefit of the energetic recovery of the lignin into a biorefinery scheme. This goal will be achieved through several activities, such as the chemical-physical characterization of the feedstock, the evaluation of different energy conversion technologies, the development of a fluidized bed boiler characterized by a high flexibility and advanced control of combustion mechanisms. The feedstock considered in this project is a lignin-rich stream, co-product from a biorefinery that produces lignocellulosic ethanol and today used in a 13 MWe grate biomass boiler at the Crescentino IBP (Italian Bio Products) plant.

Main topics:

  • Optimization of the lignin combustion parameters;
  • Testing of the lignin in a pilot fluid bed combustor.

Elettra is co-funded by the Ministry of Economic Development (MiSE) through the program for R&D in the National Electric System.


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