Biogas & Biomethane

Anaerobic digestion (AD) is the widespread process to produce biogas, which can be upgraded to biomethane, an environmentally friendly key route to replace conventional fossil natural gas with renewable one. RE-CORD laboratory is equipped to conduct Biochemical Methane Potential (BMP) batch test evaluating the daily biogas production of different substrates from conventional ones, as agricultural and agro-industrial substrates, to unconventional feeds, such as microalgae and also tar-laden condensate from small scale biomass gasification plants. In this context also the appropriate management and valorization of digestate, the co-product from biomass anaerobic digestion, is one of the key factors for the development of successful biomethane-project farms. Its co-composting with biochar, for example, assures digestate bio-stabilization and offers also a range of benefits to the soil, in particular concerning organic matter, nutrient recycling and availability enhancement.