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Effects of monoacylglycerols in colorectal cancer

The working hypothesis to be assessed in this project is that the dietary administration of a novel compound consisting of a butyrate mono/diacylglicerol/glycerol adsorbed on a bio-char carrier (biochar BMDG) displays significant anticancer properties by acting on microbiota composition, CR cancer cells and their adipose microenvironment niche. MAGIC aims at producing an orally-assumed novel compound containing butyrate adsorbed on a biochar carrier, demonstrating its anticancer properties, and elucidating the mechanisms and molecules underlying these effects. The groundbreaking cutting-edge complex approach adopted in this project involves unique synergistic and multidisciplinary academic, research and health excellences belonging to the regional territory, integrating engineering, food, biotechnology, microbiology and medicine expertise to address prevention and treatment of CRC, one of the major medical and socio-economic burden of our modern society. The strong additional value of this compound is that it combines the properties of molecules used in nutraceutics in humans, namely butyrate, and active-char, thus representing a non-invasive and promising approach for CRC.

This project has received funding from the “Bando Ricerca Salute 2018” of Regione Toscana.


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