Start Date

February 2019

End Date

April 2022

Total Budget

324.085,50 €


GO-CARD project revolves around the use, in two specific areas of Tuscany, of a low environmental impact crop, such as thistle, to support and integrate the income of the farmers. Indeed in areas where traditional crops are no longer profitable and the land is gradually abandoned, it is possible to introduce new type of crops to develop new agricultural supply chains as in the case of the project by using the oil for the production of bioproducts (i.e. bioplastics) as main, but not exclusive, use of the agricultural product. The project aims to provide important answers to the need for agricultural sector reconstruction and economic-environmental requalification of the territory.

Main topics:

  • Validation of process technology improvements
  • Scale-up to investigation
  • Definition of an integrated and techno-economic sustainable process package
  • Economic viability assessment of the process design
  • Environmental, safety, health and security requirements assessment

This project has received funding from PSR 2014-2020 - Bando PS-GO (Annualità 2017) - Sottomisura 16.2 “Supporto a progetti pilota e di cooperazione”. Richiesta integrazioni Domanda di aiuto prot. ARTEA 14818 del 28/01/2019 - CUP ARTEA: 832973 PS-GO: n. 17/2017 - Progetto sottomisura 16.2: “Cardo: una coltura a basso impatto ambientale per la riqualificazione delle aree marginali”


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