Antofagasta Plant, Chile


RE-CORD has a large experience in algae sector, thus can be a suitable partner for commercial as well as for research projects. RE-CORD has been involved in microalgae projects since many years with the role to design innovative production plants and demo units, both in autotrophic than in heterotrophic/mixotrophic systems.

RE-CORD focused its effort to reduce the energy consumption of the entire plant, focusing also in energy optimization of downstream processes and production units, applying innovations to large scale plants. Several plants were designed both innovative open ponds systems than closed heterotrophic/mixotrophic reactors.

RE-CORD is also able to test the thermochemical conversion of micro and macroalgae biomass through wet processes as well dry ones, characterizing process and products. Furthermore, biomethane potential tests can be carried out to investigate the bioenergy potential of a specific algae strain, after high added value compound extraction.