Visit of Tayiuan University in the occasion of the signature of the cooperation agreement between Tayiuan University and the University of Florence
30 May 2016
RE-CORD at EUBCE 2017 in Stockholm
20 May 2017

Visit of Prof. Tomaž Katrašnik of the University of Lubjana

Prof. Tomaž Katrašnik, Head of Laboratory for Internal Combustion Engines and Electromobility of the University of Lubjana-Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, accompanied by Prof. Giovanni Ferrara, University of Florence, visited RE-CORD laboratories and installations on the 11th of May 2016. The research group led by Prof. Katrašnik, active in biofuel use in internal combustion engines and gas turbines, examined common research areas with Prof. David Chiaramonti and Dr. Ing. Matteo Prussi from RE-CORD/University of Florence, finding interesting opportunities for collaborations, particularly in the field of low carbon fuel use in decentralised gas turbines for heat and power.