The study provides a comprehensive evidence base identifying the key benefits and development needs for the sugar platform.  An assessment of EU competitiveness highlights strengths in R&D, but a lack of strong commercial activity, due to the US, China and Brazil having more attractive feedstock and investment conditions. The study has the aim to provide a support for policymakers and industry to recover this commercial gap.

The study used literature surveys, market data and stakeholder input and created a company database for 94 sugar-based products, with some already commercial, the majority at research/pilot stage, and only a few demonstration.


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GENERAL REPORT FOR DIRECTORATE-GENERAL ENERGY: “Feasibility studies for first of a kind commercial sustainable biofuel projects: A guidance document”


This is a report made for the Directorate General  for Energy of the European Union in order to provide guidance to  help project and technology developers in the EU area. This document therefore provides a template and a guidance to develop feasibility studies for first of a kind advanced biofuel projects, although it may also be useful at other stages of technology development.


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