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The RE-CORD Consortium laboratory, created in 2011, is dedicated to the chemical and physical analysis, in particular in the field of renewable resources and biofuels. The laboratory provides qualified support to your business thanks to a wide range of scientific instruments and many years of experience. It can realize a wide range of analyses for analytical, industrial and scientific purpose.

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The RE-CORD laboratory performs a wide range of physical and chemical analysis according to the main European and international standards on a large variety of materials.

The laboratory has a great experience with solid and liquid biofuels, such as woodchips, pellets, briquettes, olive husk, sawdust, coal, vegetable oils, biodiesel, bioethanol, but also used cooking oils, water, sludge, compost, wastes, plastics and polymers.

For each kind of material specific analysis sets are available to allow a full and accurate characterization.

The RE-CORD group experience comes from its long activity in the use and processing of biomass, and also from the implementation of several pilot plants as well as test beds for the thermochemical conversion of biomass. The RE-CORD group is involved in major research projects with a wide number of national and international partners. Therefore the laboratory is now an important reference for the analysis and characterization of many materials.

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The main analysis that we perform are:

  • Full characterization of vegetable oils (DIN 51605) and biodiesel (EN 14214)

  • Bioethanol analysis and characterization (UNI EN 15376)

  • Full analysis of woody solid biomass, wood chips, pellets, briquettes, olive husk (ENplus etc.)

  • Full characterization of pyrolysis oil and pyrolysis tests

  • Analysis of used cooking oils, sludge and OFMSW

  • Ash analysis (ASTM D1857)

  • Carbon and activated carbon analysis

  • Analysis of plastics and polymers

  • Anaerobic digestion tests for biogas production

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In addition to the laboratory basic equipment we have:




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