RE-CORD at EUBCE 2017 in Stockholm
20 May 2017
David Chiaramonti
David Chiaramonti, RE-CORD President, Awarded Linneborn Prize 2017
11 June 2017

RE-CORD at EUBCE 2016 in Amsterdam

The RE-CORD Research Centre at the 24th European Biomass Conference and Exhibition in Amsterdam!

A sound presence news.160606-300x236at the EUBCE 2016 in Amsterdam in terms of oral presentations illustrating the most recent activities of the RE-CORD in the field of biomass to energy.

RE-CORD is particularly active in the field of biofuels, especially for the aviation sector; during the EUBCE 2016 RE-CORD will present several results of the ITAKA project ( focusing on the tests in the use of renewable and sustainable aviation biofuels. On the aviation sector, Prof.David Chiaramonti will hold an oral presentation titled “Evaluation of Combustion Behaviour of Renewable Jet Fuel in a Combustor Rig: Influence of HEFA and its Blends on Flame Stability and Emissions Compared to Aviation Kerosene”.

RE-CORD will also participate in the BIOREFLY stand ( as a partner of the project. BIOREFLY focuses on the production of advanced aviation biofuels from lignin residue; RE-CORD will present its activities within the project during the oral presentation “A Novel Lignin-Based BiorefiningRoute to Paraffinic Fuels” and through the poster titled: “BIOREFLY: biofuels preliminary tests, and LCA”.

During the EUBCE, RE-CORD will also present some results of the work performed in the microalgae sector. RE-CORD participates in the estimation of the energy consumption of the Camporosso pilot plant, within the framework of the BIOFAT project. Related to the topic of energy performances of the microalgae, a poster “Algae for Energy? An Energetic Balance and a Comparison with other Energy Crops” will be presented.

RE-CORD Stand at EUBCE 2016 - Booth n.16

RE-CORD Stand at EUBCE 2016 – Booth n.16

On the downstream processing of the microalgae, Dr.Matteo Prussi will present a work titled: “Microalgae as Source for New Drugs into a BiorefineryScheme”.

On solid biomass conversion sector, RE-CORD is working on its carbonization pilot plant. The results obtained in the last year will be presented in an oral session: “Continuous Oxidative Slow Pyrolysis for Charcoal Production in the EU: Experimental Campaign and System Performance Assessment”.

Then, come visit and meet us at EUBCE2016, Booth 16 at the Exhibition!