RE -CORD provides system expertise and resources (laboratories and plants) to create a critical mass and to develop research in a scientific and technological level .

RE-CORD main goals are:

Put together member resources in a simple structure able to catch opportunities quickly and efficiently;
Represent a specialist in a leading sector of the economy and an excellence point for research and demonstration on several specific areas of renewable energy, both in a national and in an international environment/scale;
Give highly skilled graduated young the opportunity to work in their geographical area, supporting administrations and domestic companies in their geographical area, so as to avoiding talent emigration;
Provide local authorities and enterprises with services through the chemical laboratory in Pianvallico and the know-how in the field of Renewable Energy, Agroenergy and Biofuels;
Promote sustainable development of Tuscan territory and, thanks to its activity of technical and scientific networking, connect this area with experiences and expertise available both in Italy and abroad

Members of Re-cord Consortium

The Research Center for Alternative and Renewable Energy (CREAR) was founded in 2005 on the initiative of the Department of Energy Engineering  "S. Stecco", now DIEF (Department of Industrial Engineering), of the University of Florence. Over the years it developed research and demonstration projects in the European, national, regional and local scale. It also provided to companies and administrations highly specialized consulting and independent advices. Major research areas are agro-energy, solid and liquid biofuels, solar and wind energy.

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Villa Montepaldi farm (315 ha ca.) is located on the hills of San Casciano Val di Pesa, about 20 km from Florence, in the northern part of the Chianti Classico. The farm was bought from the University of Florence in 1989, who made it, with its innovative equipments and laboratories, an important research and experimentation center for both public and private subjects.

In the farm there are vineyards, olive tree groves, arable, orchards and woods and the production activity is constantly connected with the research and supported by technological innovation. In Villa Montepaldi many educational activities take place, including Master in Wine Marketing and Winery Management, and hosts the Secretariat and Library of the Vine Academy and the RE-CORD Consortium that has one hectare fully available as experiment area. In Vila Montepaldi there is also a multimedia meeting room where scientific and technical meetings as well as events are organized.

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Pianvallico S.p.A. is a mixed company (private-public) with a majority public capital holding. It was founded in 2000 by the municipality of San Piero a Sieve together with a private partner - Cepa S.p.A. Pontassieve – selected through a public tender process . In 2004 became part of the company also the municipalities of Scarperia, Borgo San Lorenzo and the Comunità Montana del Mugello, today Unione Montana dei Comuni del Mugello. Now Pianvallico S.p.A. is a completely public company. It aims to promote the the development of the Mugello territory by carrying out specific activities identified by local authorities, supporting the production activities through the rearrangement and requalification of the areas, the promotion of the territory, the research for new companies to be set up in the area and  the organization of services for the existing ones.

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Spike Renewables  S.r.l. is an company working in the field of system engineering. Spike Renewables S.r.l. manages the entire development of a project, from feasibility study to delivery, constantly giving to contractor feedback about costs, timing and suggested improvements . Spike Renewables S.r.l. can provide all services provided by large companies while keeping the customization of its professional / client relationship of a professional study. This can be done particularly thanks to the stable collaboration with the University of Florence and to the highly skilled team. In plant design  and engineering  Spike Renewables Sr.l. developed especially sectors with greater technological content including the industrial, energy and sustainable construction sectors.

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Bioentech is an innovative start-ups operating in the field of renewable energy and in particular biomass. Bioentech aims to design, develop and place into the market products and technologies based on biological and thermochemical processes to create products and improve the efficiency of biomass conversion processes.

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ETA-Florence is specialized in design, consulting, communication and organization of events in the field of renewable energy. The company has a multidisciplinary team of experts in engineering, environment and agriculture, graphics and communication . Since 1994 ETA-Florence has participated in over 200 national and international projects and organizes the European Biomass Conference and Exhibition since 2000.

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David Chiaramonti


David Chiaramonti is an Energy engineer specialised in Renewable Energies (mainly bioenergy/biofuels, wind and small hydro power), Energy Management and innovative energy technologies. He has also been working on desalination technologies. He is Contract Professor of Renewable Energy Systems at the University of Florence, expert on energy conversion and energy use, including the evaluation of environmental and socio-economic impact of energy policies and technology transfer.

Daniela Tacconi

Account Manager

Dott. Daniela Tacconi, PHD in Commodity Science, RE-CORD collaborator. She holds a degree in Evironmental Economics and she is specialized on the improvement of agricultural and forestry products and byproducts for the production of new goods and energy. Within the Consortium RE-CORD, she is in charge of the environmental, social and economic aspects related to the RTD projects.

Andrea Maria Rizzo

R&D manager thermochemical conversion

Andrea is R&D manager thermochemical conversion in RE-CORD. His research areas are focused on the production of bioliquids/biofuels from lignocellulosic and residual feedstocks by means of pyrolysis/gasification processes, their characterization and use in adapted prime movers. He's also interested in advanced thermochemical conversion processes and technologies, torrefaction, instrumentation and measurement for process and plant control, design of HVAC systems. Andrea is a registered prossional engineer.

Marco Buffi

Mechanical Engineer

Dr. Marco Buffi is specialized in thermochemical conversion of biomass, combustion of biofuels and renewable fuels for aviation sector. He is responsible of the experimental activities on gas turbines of RE-CORD/CREAR. He is currently working on EU FP7 BIOREFLY on renewable aviation fuels, and H2020 BECOOL on pyrolysis of residuals lignocellulosic biomass. He has strong experience of working on-field on experimental activities as reported in his scientific publications. He designed and worked on dedicated test rigs for biomass processing and combustion such as microturbines/engines for biofuels combustion and pyrolyzers/gasifiers for biomass conversion. His expertise areas cover also CHP, microalgae and vegetable/used oils energy sector.

David Casini

R&D Engineer

David Casini is an environmental engineer. After his three-year degree he has got a scholarship at the Department of Energy of the University of Florence on biomass energy exploitation with a special focus on biofuels. He has completed master IMES in bioenergy and environment. His main research areas are technologies related to microalgal biomass production, anaerobic digestion and biochar as innovative product. He has taken part in several national and international projects on microalgae related topics (MAMBO, BIOFAT, the Chilean project Microalgae for Bioenergy), on thermochemical conversion of biomass (AGROCHAR, BIOGO and DEVELTAR), on anaerobic digestion and BMP tests (NEXT), on development of bio-fuels for aviation (ITAKA) and on wind power generation studies (PratoWind, anemometric campaign in Macrolotto , Prato, IT).

Edoardo Miliotti

Mechanical Engineer

Edoardo Miliotti is an energy engineer and a PhD student in industrial engineering at the University of Florence. His research activity focuses mainly on thermochemical conversion of biomass and other residual feedstock for biofuel/bioproduct production, both solid and liquid. He is particularly interested in hydrothermal carbonization/liquefaction, pyrolysis and physical and chemical activation for activated carbon production. He is currently dedicated to the activities of the H2020 project HEAT-TO-FUEL, regarding hydrothermal liquefaction of biomass. He is also interested in measurement, instrumentation and LabVIEW programming.

Stefano Dell'Orco

Mechanical Engineer

Stefano Dell’Orco, MS, is a PhD student in Industrial Engineering at the University of Florence. He is currently working with RE-CORD on a H2020 project (Heat to Fuel), investigating the hydrothermal liquefaction of lignocellulosic biomass. His main research fields are the biomass thermochemical conversion processes and his scientific interests range from combustion to pyrolysis and gasification. Stefano joined RE-CORD in 2014 as undergraduate research fellow, when he has been working on the experimental investigation of the pyrolysis of vegetable oils for the ITAKA project. In 2015, he went to Canada for a research internship at the Université de Sherbrooke within the Industrial Research Chair on Cellulosic Ethanol and Biocommodities, where he was involved in an experimental research project on the catalytic conversion of the gasification residues. Stefano completed his studies with a Master in Energy Engineer at the University of Florence in July 2017, where he further obtained a PhD position.

Ramin Maghrebi

Chemical Engineer

Ramin Maghrebi is a chemical engineer and currently is doing his Ph.D. in industrial engineering at University of Florence. His field of research is focused on the conversion of lipids to biofuels as well as value-added chemicals as to be used either in transport sector for countries having very low temperatures or in automotive and cosmetics industry as lubricants. To be exact he is doing the research on branching the fatty acids or derivatives thereof in order to improve the cold flow properties of the mentioned products. His field of interest includes also, modeling and simulation of chemical processes-Oxidative Coupling of Methane(OCM) and biomethanation to name but a few as well as utilization of powerful softwares, such as Aspen plus and ANSYS Fluent widely used for the mentioned areas.

Giovanni Graziani

Environmental Engineer

Giovanni is an environmental engineer with experience in the renewable energy sector and the industry environmental impact. After graduating in Florence with prof. Chiaramonti, in 2010 he attended the RIDEF Master (Renewables, Efficiency and Decentralization) organized by Polytechnic of Milan and the IUAV University of Venice and, in 2016, the Master GAS (Strategic Environmental Management) at the University of Padua. Thanks to his working experiences in energy sectors (cogeneration, biomass, wind power generation), in the sector of technological start-ups (research for the extraction of bioproducts from vegetable matrices), in energy efficiency and in the environment and company sustainability management he has got a broad overview of innovinto the frame of INDUSTRIA 4.0 R&D Tax Credit instrument.

Renato Nistri

R&D manager

RRenato Nistri is Research Fellow at the Department of Industrial Engineering at the University of Florence on behalf of CREAR (Interdepartmental Center for Research for Alternative and Renewables Energy). Its research activity is focused on the study of technologies for the production of second-generation biofuels, particularly ethanol, and in the study of technologies for the exploitation of biomass via thermochemical conversion, such as pyrolysis and gasification. His interest and experience in the field of renewable energy dates back to the year of university when he expressed a particular interest for the field of sustainable development and clean technologies.

Leonardo Nibbi

Mechanical Engineer

Eng. Leonardo Nibbi, presently Fellow Researcher at the Department of Industrial Engineering of the University of Florence. His experience in the renewable energy field since 1999 is mainly devoted to: the logistic of the biomass to energy chain, with particular attention to the use of GIS tools for correct planning; sustainability of solid, gaseous and liquid biofuels; market and legislation for solid biofuel; micrositing and assessment of wind farms through the use of WAsP; Education and Training in the Renewable Energies Field, with particular attention to Biomass to Energy and Wind Energy fields.

Silvia Pennazzi

Laboratory Business Manager

Silvia Pennazzi is a Ph.D. in Physics and works at the RE-CORD laboratory of Scarperia since 2016 as Laboratory Business Manager . She attended the master IMES organized by CREAR. After that she has been working for many years in the field of renewable energies. She worked for several companies, both in Italy and abroad, in technical, commercial and business development areas.

Giulia Lotti

Laboratory Specialist

Giulia Lotti , industrial biotechnologist, works on biomass and biofuels characterization focusing on chromatographic analysis (GC-MS/FID ; HPLC). She is also involved in microbiological studies on bacterial/algal growth with a special interest on fine chemical production. Degree: Molecular Industrial Biotechnologies (University of Perugia) Thesis activity : Bioethanol production from wood chips using a steam explosion pre-treatment; and microbiological treatment of process liquid wastes.

Lorenzo Bettucci

Laboratory Specialist

Lorenzo Bettucci is a chemist and he works at RE-CORD Laboratory in Scarperia as laboratory specialist dealing with chemical analysis, development of analytical methods as well as management of instruments and chemicals. With a long lasting experience in chemicals laboratory he deals with the analysis in the field of renewable energy (biomass and biofuels) and in the field of industrial chemistry (chemicals, catalysts, polymers) and the production of activated charcoal through chemical and physical activation.