RE-CORD becomes member of the European Biochar Industry Consortium

RE-CORD recently joined EBI, the European Biochar Industry Consortium. EBI is a consortium created with the aim of supporting  the development of biochar applications, fostering its long-term success and give a meaningful contribution to limiting climate change by sequestering atmospheric carbon. To achieve these objectives the consortium is working on different subjects, such as: Policy: […]

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Call for tender for the provision of experimental and analytical services within Heat-to-Fuel H2020 project

Deadline 22/10/2021 extended to 28/10/2021 Within the project Heat-To-Fuel, RE-CORD is issuing a call for tender for the provision of experimental and analytical services for the hydrotreatment of biocrude samples produced from the hydrothermal liquefaction of lignin-rich co-product from a 2nd generation ethanol process.Details can be found in the attached “Request for Proposals”. Deadline for […]

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Politecnico di Torino joins RE-CORD consortium

Torino, February 2021 – Bioeconomy, Circular Economy, efficient use of energy – key issues for the sustainable development goals promoted by the United Nations – are multidisciplinary research fields that, due to their complexity, require a significant commitment to give a greater boost to research activities and the construction of networks between stackholders to share […]

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“Biochar: Emerging Application” book just published

The book “Biochar: Emerging Applications” has just been published. The editors are Professor Alberto Tagliaferro, Professor Carlo Rosso, Professor Mauro Giorcelli. This reference text covers the latest developments in biochar materials research, a field which is becoming increasingly popular due to the potential of biochar to replace carbon materials derived from non-renewable sources. Emerging and innovative […]

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Regione Toscana agreement for a new circular economy initiative

Regione Toscana has just launches an important initiative for the development of circular economy. The initiative includes the recovery of the ex Centauro industrial area located in the municipality of Pontassieve (Firenze), and the construction of a new structure that will host RE-CORD activities in research and development and industrial applications in the field of […]

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New paper on activated carbons characterization

A new paper on results of our research activity on “Characterization of chemically and physically activated carbons from lignocellulosic ethanol lignin-rich stream via hydrothermal carbonization and slow pyrolysis pretreatment” as just been published in the special issue “Feature Papers in Bio-Energy” of MDPI Energy journal. The paper is available at .

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RE-CORD is attending to 28th European Biomass Conference and Exhibition

The 28th edition of the The European Biomass Conference and Exhibition is tacking place this week ( The conference, that this year has gone virtual because of the pandemic, becoming an e-EUBCE, has sterted on Monday with a Scientific Opening Session held by David Chiaramonti, who has been also chair of “The Role of Biomass […]

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Bioliquids and their use in power generation – A technology review

A technology review on the use of bioliquids for power generation systems has just been released on “Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews” journal. The papers provides also the future perspectives and opportunity in a circular economy context. Among the authors there are Marco Buffi (research engineer at RE-CORD) and David Chiaramonti (RE-CORD President), and other researchers from other universities: Tine Seljak and Tomaz Katrasnik (University of Ljubljana), Agustin Valera-Medina (Cardiff University) and C. T. Chong (Shanghai Jiao Tong University).   The paper is an open access publications available at the following link:

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Signature Of A Collaboration Agreement With Polytechnic Of Turin

On 15/01/2020 RE-CORD and Polytechnic of Turin have signed a collaboration agreement aimed at establishing institutional and scientific collaboration relationships to promote and develop joint research initiatives and programs, including participation in calls for tenders financed on regional, national, EU or supranational research and / or demonstration programs, in the field of Renewable Energies, energy […]