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RE-CORD is attending to 28th European Biomass Conference and Exhibition

David Chiaramonti during the Scientific Opening Session

The 28th edition of the The European Biomass Conference and Exhibition is tacking place this week (

The conference, that this year has gone virtual because of the pandemic, becoming an e-EUBCE, has sterted on Monday with a Scientific Opening Session held by David Chiaramonti, who has been also chair of “The Role of Biomass and Bioenergy in European Green Deal” session.

As usual RE-CORD has brought to the conference many contributions including a speech on “High-Value Compounds Production from Tetraselmis Suecica in a Biorefinery Concept: Lab Scale Investigation Test” by Giulia Lotti within the “Biotechnology for Biobased Products and Materials session”, a speech on “Integration of Thermochemical Conversion and Chemical Leaching Processes for Production of Advanced Biochar and High Value Critical Raw Materials” by Andrea Salimbeni within the session “Valorization of Municipal and Industrial Wastes for Materials and Energy”, a speech on “BIO4A: Bringing SAF to Scale and Delivering Sustainable Lipids for Aviation” by David Chiaramonti within the session “Innovations in Advanced Biofuels Production and Use” and two posters: one on “Organic-Rich Slow Pyrolysis Aqueous Streams Addition in Water Daily Reintegration of an Anaerobic Digestion Mesophilic Reactor: A Lab Scale Test” during the “Anaerobic Digestion Optimization for Biogas and Biomethane Production” session and the other within the session “Processes and Products of Pyrolysis and Hydrothermal Processing” on “Hydrothermal Liquefaction of Ethanol Biorefinery Lignin Cake Co-product: Effect of Process Conditions and Additives“.