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Final workshop of the Agrochar project in September

The final workshop of the Agrochar Project, supported by MIPAAF, will be held in the Meeting Room of the Accademia dei Georgofili on September 15, 2017, the program of which you can view.

The Agrochar Project addressed the issue of the enhancement of digestate from anaerobic digestion plants in an innovative way, in order to convert it into a product that can be placed on the agricultural market, thus creating the conditions for a circular and sustainable economy in the agricultural sector.

In this event, starting from the reflections and results obtained in this project, much wider issues will also be addressed: the enhancement of soils in the process of desertification in the North and South of the Mediterranean, and such as FORSU and digestate compost, combined with biochar (produced from wood chips or agricultural residues) can intervene, opening up a huge area to the possibility of promoting sustainable agriculture, the resilience of agricultural soils to climate change, and not least by allowing the storage of carbon in the soil, sequestering it in a sustainable way from the atmosphere.

Participation is free and prior registration to the event is highly recommended (, given the limited number of places available.

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